June 28, 2022

Advantages of Text Messaging for Small Businesses

Text messaging allows you to tell your customers about sales, promotions, coupons, updates, news, and other business-related information through a text on their mobile gadgets. It is one of the best ways small businesses can connect with consumers and increase business sales. If you are still on the fence about integrating text messaging into your digital marketing plan, here are six ways it can benefit your busines

1. Instant Deliverability

One of the best things about SMS campaigns is that even individuals who don’t have smartphones can receive and send messages. That makes SMS advertising an accessible and effective tool for delivering marketing messages to customers. In addition, text messages get delivered within a few seconds.

 The average text delivery time for many mobile carriers is usually less than ten minutes. That means your brand can deliver time-sensitive business messages within a short time. With many businesses struggling today to increase their email deliverability, the high level of text deliverability makes text messaging a valuable investment.

2. Convenience

Phone calls can be a bit overwhelming at times. Whether they are coming from your customers or your end, calls come at the most inconvenient times. However, with a text messaging strategy, you can eliminate most inconveniences between you and your clients. You can avoid the need to leave your messages after the beeps or having your brand ignored completely by integrating a text messaging plan into your business communication.

 With a text-enabled business phone, consumers can reach you anywhere at any time. Text messaging eliminates the need for lengthy business calls, allowing you to reach your customers with important messages in a convenient and non-intrusive way.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Text messaging is a familiar and non-intrusive way to communicate, making it one of the best channels to build relationships with your clients. A two-way conversation between your business and customers through SMS sends a message that your brand cares. As a result, your customers will keep returning for more business transactions with your brand. Using a texting service can also give your company the ability to build meaningful relationships with consumers at crucial moments through this popular communication channel.

4. Higher Probability of Messages Being Read

Emails have their place in business communication and are still effective in communicating with clients and increasing business sales. However, SMS has higher open rates than business emails. Plus, you may send emails to people who long assigned your business name to their junk box. The good news is that if your text messages don’t get delivered, there’s feedback on that via the communication medium. Text messages are also safer and quicker than emails. If you have important messages or information to pass to your customers, you need to use an SMS channel if you want it heard by the biggest number of people.

5. Simplifies Communication Management

Nowadays, businesses use many communication lines to send messages and get feedback from their target population. In many cases, this process requires the use of several phone numbers. And managing all these phone numbers can be both demanding and challenging. However, you can avoid the pressure by merging your brand landline with a business text messaging service. This way, communication between customers and your business will be less spread out, better, and easier to manage. That means useful information will not get lost as you communicate with your customers. A texting service can help streamline communication, ensuring that your brand’s voice is more coherent and stronger in the marketplace.

6. Increases Brand Awareness

You can also use SMS marketing to increase your brand awareness. Implementing an effective SMS messaging strategy between mobile device users and businesses is a great way to lure and engage consumers throughout the purchasing process. Since mobile phone users check their messages many times a day, you can remain in the mind of your customers with consistent messages.

 Sending personal, professional, and consistent messages can also build loyalty and trust among your customers. When consumers are loyal and better engaged with your brand, they’re more likely to recommend your services or products to their friends and colleagues, expanding your brand awareness.

Wrapping up

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of SMS marketing, considering how adaptable and flexible it can be to your business. Not only does text messaging keep your customers engaged, but it also gives your company an edge over the competition. 


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