July 4, 2022

Buckwheat Honey – Benefits And Uses Of This Monofloral Honey Type

Nature has its own superfood called honey, made by hardworking bees. Loved by people of all ages for its depth of flavor & sweetness, honey is used in various recipes. Having a number of health benefits, honey plays a vital role in medicinal treatments & home remedies. Based on the type of nectar collected by the bees, the taste, color & smell of the honey varies. It can be dark or light and strong or mild.

Among such honey varieties, buckwheat honey is a strong-flavored popular honey variety. It is a dark-colored honey type loaded with many antioxidants and immunity-boosting ingredients. It is a monofloral honey variety produced by the bees using the buckwheat flowers’ nectar into honey. It is said that the darker the honey, the higher the content of buckwheat in it.

What Is Buckwheat Honey?

Buckwheat honey is made using the nectar of buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat honey gets its dark color from polyphenols and the potent antioxidants found in it. Its flavor is rich and malty, with notes of chocolate & black cherries.

This darker honey is produced majorly in Ontario and Quebec. The buckwheat plant is grown as a cover crop that delivers collected and ground seeds into buckwheat flour. Before the buckwheat plant produces seeds, it first creates beautiful & delicate white flowers that attract honey bees.

There are many things to know about buckwheat honey – its benefits, how to consume and many more such things. Read on below –

Benefits of Buckwheat Honey According to Research & Studies –

Boosts Antioxidant Levels in the Body –

As buckwheat honey has high-antioxidant status among other honey varieties, it is a good natural ingredient known to enhance the antioxidant levels when consumed regularly by mixing one spoonful of it in black tea or directly.

Reduces Cholesterol –

Studies have found that buckwheat honey also assists in reducing bad cholesterol in the body, which in turn is extremely good for maintaining strong heart health and blood pressure level.

Soothes Cough – 

Honey’s anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties are genuinely beneficial in soothing cough, cold & other respiratory infections. In addition, a study on this topic suggested that honey is even more effective than over-the-counter medicines prescribed for coughs & colds. Best of all, contrasted with cough syrups, buckwheat honey is about 20% more lucrative by volume on a dose-for-dose comparison.

Skin Care – 

Buckwheat honey comes with numerous benefits and uses. The rich content of beneficial properties in buckwheat honey makes it the best natural skincare ingredient. Topical application or regular consumption of honey protects the skin from various infections and makes it smooth, supple & glowing. Home-made skin care lotion can be prepared using coconut oil & honey and mixing it together evenly. As honey exerts soothing & conditioning effects and humectants, it keeps skin healthy by reducing aging signs’ appearance.

Wound Care – 

None other product can be as beneficial as honey in treating wounds, burns & cuts. As honey is rich in sugar and has low pH, it actually draws moisture from the wounds, keeps it dry & lowers the risk of bacterial growth in the wound.

Natural Energy Booster –

Buckwheat honey has the most high degree of iron content out of a wide range of honey. People with an active lifestyle consider it a true superfood. The rich contents of this honey regenerate the body after exercise or workout routine and refill strength after a hectic day. Many vegan people use this as a food supplement to meet the body’s iron requirement.

How Much Should Buckwheat Honey Be Eaten in a Day?

As buckwheat honey is a darker honey variety, it is ideal for keeping the body warm in winters. It is usually recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons of buckwheat honey per day that can be eaten directly from a spoon or mixed in warm milk, water, or tea.

How to Consume Buckwheat Honey?

  1. It can be used as a soothing drink when mixed with warm water to treat sore throat & cough.
  2. It also pairs well with Stilton cheese, lemon tea, and baked goods.
  3. It can be mixed into oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, or waffles to make them more delicious.
  4. It can be applied topically on skin and wounds to treat problems.

For people who love a unique, powerful, and distinctive taste, buckwheat honey is ideal. They will not only experience the honey healing effects but also feel the exotic molasses and malty tones. Buckwheat honey is a unique natural honey type now gaining wide popularity because of its bold taste. It might also be depicted as heavy-bodied, caramel-like, or butterscotch-like. This dark honey has a rich and thick taste and holds a different position because of its pronounced aroma.

Buckwheat honey can be used for a variety of purposes, along with using it as a natural sweetener. Always ensure to buy it from an authentic store to avail all the health benefits that it offers.

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